Top 10 Habits That Accelerate Aging And Make You Look Older

Top 10 Habits That Accelerate Aging And Make You Look Older

Top 10 Habits That Accelerate Aging And Make You Look Older

The aging process that describes us occurs due to the free radicals that arise in the respiration of the cells. They develop in size, leading to their aging. When there are multiple free radicals in the body, they can cause illness and inflammation.

Free radicals have their functions in the body, how to protect and heal it, but when they are in surplus it becomes harmful. Thus, it is necessary to take some measures to have a better quality of life.

Top 10 Habits That Accelerate Aging And Make You Look Older

1. Poor feeding

Constantly eating greasy, industrialized and processed foods can be very unhealthy, since they contain substances toxic to the body, such as dyes, preservatives, pesticides, etc. And, of course, this causes free radicals to increase and damage cells, accelerating the aging process.

So insert more into your diet fruits, vegetables, and vegetables, especially those containing vitamin A, C, and E, which have enough antioxidants to kill toxins and increase the flexibility of the skin. Examples of these foods are the lemon, orange, acerola, broccoli, kale, almonds, chestnut, egg yolk, carrot, melon, among others.

2. Inactive lifestyle

Being inactive increases the aging of cells, harming the heart and other vital functions. It is necessary to practice exercises regularly, but never in excess, as much physical activity also weakens the body.

Exercising improves blood flow, oxygenation of cells, metabolism and consequently stress, in addition to helping to lose extra pounds. The ideal is then to practice at least half an hour of exercise a day.

3. Excessive consumption of sugar

The excess sugar in the body stiffens collagen, which is a skin protein, leading to glycation, a cell aging process. This leads to skin flaccidity, localized fat, cellulite, and appearance of wrinkles.

The ideal is then to use the natural sugar of fruits instead of refined and whole foods, which have more fibers and antioxidants. Some experts also indicate that when you hit that sweet tooth, you consume 50g of bitter chocolate (over 70% cocoa), which has more flavonoids than milk chocolate, with anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antioxidant action.

4. Irregular sleep

Not sleeping well increases cortisol, a hormone that in excess leads to stress, irritability, and depression, in addition to raising blood sugar level, which ages the cells faster. A good night’s sleep leaves the immune system active, improves memory and leaves the body relaxed.

To provide rejuvenation-friendly hormones, it is best to repair sleep, to have a beautiful, viscous skin. Then try to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day in order to invigorate the body and feel the difference in the skin.

5. Stress

Stress directly affects our skin and vital functions, leading to disease and premature aging. Thus, the immune system becomes destabilized, causing the appearance of acne, allergies, psychological, cardiovascular and autoimmune disorders.

Try to do some activity that relaxes and gives you pleasure, such as yoga, meditation, playing an instrument, etc., avoid the excessive stress and harmful consequences that it can cause.

6. Smoking

It is known that cigarette is a villain of the skin and the aging process. It also impairs the conventional activity of the lung, heart, arteries etc., in addition to causing cancer. The collagen is lost and the skin becomes dry, stained and opaque, due to the consumption of nicotine, favoring the appearance of wrinkles more quickly.

If you smoke, seek a treatment for smoking. There are nicotine patches, chewing gum and chewing gum that is part of this treatment, relieving the fissure in the absence of the cigarette and helping the person to quit more easily.

7. Exaggerated intake of alcohol and other drugs

That intake of alcohol and other drugs harms the liver everyone knows, but it also impairs the healthy functioning of the brain, kidneys, pancreas, and skin, increasing free radicals and aging the body more quickly.

As an exception, wine, for example, can be consumed in moderation since it has an important antioxidant, resveratrol. But do not abuse, as the effect can be reversed by preventing nutrients from being absorbed properly.

8. Overexposure to the sun and unprotected

The sun is a source of vitamin D, very important for the body, however, being exposed to it in excess undoubtedly damages the skin, aging it more quickly. UV rays stain the skin, in addition to increasing the chances of cancer, oxidizing the cells and altering their elasticity.

Therefore, when exposed to the sun, always use sunscreen with at least 30 FPS, especially in the most opened areas such as face, neck, arms, and hands. This prevents the activity of free radicals and you will have a more beautiful and cared skin.

9. Lack of skin care

It is not enough to only use sunscreen when exposed to the sun, but also to take care of the skin frequently and as a whole. Pollution, wind and cold also cause the skin to absorb more toxins, oxidizing the cells and increasing the activity of free radicals.

So, the ideal is always to sanitize the skin properly and apply moisturizers. But be careful when using wrong products for the body and face, as the opposite effect can occur, such as peeling, staining, oiliness, acne etc. That way, use a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

10. Low water intake

Taking care of the skin is not only keeping it moisturized with creams and protected from the sun, but also with frequent intake of water. The lack of water in the body leaves the skin dull, flaccid and dry since the collagen fibers need water to support and renew the skin.

Try to ingest at least two liters of water a day, to eliminate toxins from the body, slow aging, the appearance of wrinkles and leave the skin firmer and renewed.

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