10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight 2018

10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight 2018

10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight 2018

10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight 2018: Losing weight is always a topic of great importance, especially in what affects health problems such as obesity. It is not only an aesthetic question but rather to guarantee a good quality of life in a healthier way. However, many people go wrong when it comes to weight loss, making mistakes when it comes to eating or how to behave in the face of weight loss.

Here are 10 things you need to know about losing weight

1) Fractional eating makes you lose more weight

Eating fractionally, dividing the meal every 3 or 4 hours, for example, makes the metabolism to stimulate, facilitating the absorption of nutrients and avoiding the deposit of fat in the body. Also, by eating this way, you will tend to eat less, as the body will be satisfied due to the ingestion of some food a few hours earlier.

For example: after 3 hours the coffee morning, eat a lot of unsweetened fruit or low-fat yogurt with a spoon flaxseed, giving satiety. When it comes time for lunch, your body will not feel the need to fill the dish, making you eat small portions, commencing to weight loss more quickly.

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2) Sleeping 8 hours a day burns more calories

It is already known that a good night’s sleep invigorates our body, leaving it healthier and rested for the next day. The ideal is to sleep around 8 hours a night as this speeds up the fat burning that was deposited during the day.

In addition, it reduces the production of serotonin, the stress hormone. Sleeping well also increases the production of leptin, the satiety hormone, and decreases that of ghrelin, which causes hunger and consequently accelerates metabolism.

3) It is possible to lose weight without starving

Depriving yourself of eating or skipping meals makes you feel hungry more quickly and then cuts the next meal by overeating. Staying long periods without eating impairs the action of nutrients and slows metabolism.

You do not have to give up on certain things you have eaten before, but all to the exact extent. For example, the milk chocolate that was consumed can be replaced by bitter chocolate, which has more flavonoids, natural antioxidants. Or when you feel hungry between the main meals, consume fruit to give satiety and the body wait for the next meal.

4) The “physical-mind-nutrition” triad is the best medicine

To lose weight and stay at the coveted weight, it is necessary to form a set of permanent eating habits (nutrition) and to follow an exercise program (physical). Also, it is important to keep your mind healthy too, because, with low self-esteem, moodiness, and indifference in the face of being overweight, you can not achieve the desired goal.

When these 3 factors are balanced, you can achieve the goal of weight loss with phentermine. When the mind is not “fit,” it is necessary to combine food re-education and exercises with therapies that modify one’s behavior and relationship to one’s own self.

5) Exercising at least 1 hour per day already shows results on the scale

Physical exercises are required for weight loss and this is nothing new. They improve our health as a whole and prevent us from diseases. Most research shows that one hour of physical activity per day is enough to achieve the desired effect.

Actually, this 01 hour of activity should be divided as follows: 05 to 10 minutes of warm-up, 45 minutes of main exercises and 05 to 10 minutes of stretching. And the important thing is every day to take care of the types of exercises so as not to overload any muscle groups, like, for example, one day is a walk, another day is strengthening the arms, and so on.

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6) Eating too much healthy food will not help you lose weight

Since healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are good for health, we can eat them all the time and how many times we want them right? No, wrong! Various foods that we think can consume the will often cause the opposite effect of what is expected. Everything should be consumed at the right dosage.

There are foods that are modified by the food industry and low in carbohydrates. Some studies point out, for example, that artificial sweeteners may even improve appetite and make you want to eat sweets. Box juice are other as well. Fruits, for example, contain a lot of sugar, and even being great for health it is good not to overdo it.

7) Cutting Carbs is Not the Best Option for Losing Weight

Carbohydrates are necessary for our body and along with fats are the main fuels that the body uses to produce energy. So the ideal is not to do a diet with carbohydrate restriction. By cutting them off from the diet, you will certainly feel more hungry as it is necessary to have a stock of fat for the body to use.

The correct thing is to change the refined, dense and caloric ones, like rice and bread of white flour, for example, by the foods of integral versions. Get the light and nutritious carbohydrates through vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, pineapples, strawberries, lemons, etc., so you can lose weight more effectively.

8) Fad Diets May Not Be Efficient

Unfortunately, most dieters, restricted by some food group, are not successful, and regain weight after they stop eating, causing the dreaded “accordion effect.” The deprivation itself can then cause an overeating and reduce the functioning of the metabolism.

The lower the metabolic rate, the fewer calories are spent and the greater the weight. Consequently, the caloric reduction during the diet is partially counterbalanced by the lower metabolic rate, which makes it difficult to meet the goals of dieters. The best option to maintain weight with effectiveness is then lifelong eating reeducation throughout life and not only in a period when you want to lose weight.

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9) Food lights will not make you lose weight

The substances that industries use to replace fat traditionally used in food are present in light products and many people think they are making a good investment by consuming them.

These synthetic substitutes are actually a caloric pump, rich in sodium and other substances and increase the weight, more than the products of the normal version. Examples of them are the sweetener, box juice, light yogurts, light cereal bars, granola light, etc.

10) Remedies for weight loss are not always options to lose weight

Usually, we see people who take pills to lose weight, lose weight quickly and then gain weight again. But why does this happen? These remedies suppress the appetite, thus reducing the feeling of hunger. However, in many cases, the person loses a lot of lean mass and the fat deposited in the body does not diminish, causing some health problems, such as weakening of the bones.

The remedies for weight loss are rather part of a treatment, in some cases, for weight loss. However, if a person does not perform physical activities and changes their diet by combining them with medications (when indicated), they will tend to gain weight again, sometimes even more than before.

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