7 Solid Reasons To Start Running Now

7 Solid Reasons To Start Running Now

7 Solid Reasons To Start Running Now

7 Solid Reasons To Start Running Now: The practice of running has gained many fans around the world. In Brazil, the considerable increase of people in search of this practice is visible.

Those who just walked or practiced some other modality are discovering the race and perceiving the differences that it brings in their daily lives in such a way that it turns out to be something pleasurable and difficult to abandon.

To get good results without causing any harm, it is of great importance that you make sure of the state of your health with a doctor and also it is indicated the accompaniment of a professional for orientations during the race.

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Who can run?

Running is broadly open and embraces every kind of person and age, as long as you have nothing to do with it.

It is enough that each one evaluates his physical situation and respects the limit of his body, doing suitable training to his rate. Over time, the change will come gradually and the results will be better.

If you already have a habit of exercising regularly, or if you are still in a state of physical inactivity, but want to start taking care of yourself, consider the information below and make sure that the race, in addition to transforming your body, will also do a lot well to your psychological and emotional. It really is a powerful exercise!

1) Accelerates metabolism

Running raises your heart rate and your metabolism will work fast, which will give you a higher calorie expenditure, which helps you to lose weight more efficiently. And to complete, running will lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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2) Improve physical fitness

Because it is a high-intensity aerobic exercise, running improves muscular endurance and gives a greater “breath” to other activities, such as climbing a flight of stairs or a hill, without coming completely breathless at the end. It also strengthens the bones, preventing osteoporosis.

3) Helps relieve stress

Running stimulates the renewal of nerve cells in your brain, which is of great benefit against stress and anxiety. The race will help you keep your spirits calm and relieve the tensions of everyday life, bringing the feeling of well-being.

4) Reflect on life

It is not always possible to take time just for us. Something necessary and of great value that ends up, often, happening unnoticed and left side.

When running, you will have this time only for you. Whether on the treadmill or outdoors, being able to listen to your favorite music, leave your thoughts free, feel your body and the environment around you, will provide a greater mental and emotional balance.

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5) Regulate sleep and appetite

You will certainly have quieter, more refreshing nights after you have jogged during the day. The race will also bring to your body a greater need for healthy foods. Over time you will be able to notice the shift in your quest for a more balanced diet.

6) Prolongs life

Besides the activity improving health in a general way, it will increase your life expectancy. For runners, life may extend up to 6 years, according to a study involving about 20,000 people in Denmark. He pointed out that those who ran 2 to 3 hours per week had a life expectancy of 6.2 years higher for men and 5.6 for women.

7) Increases competitiveness

The race also ends up becoming, in a natural way, a challenge in which we always want to overcome ourselves. You can run alone, with a friend or even in a group. The challenge comes when you start to feel good about the activity and then you start to want more.

Increasing the distance traveled, setting your own time or competing with your colleague, the challenge will take you further and further your own encouragement.

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