How To Quit Smoking: 10 Steps For You To Stop Smoking

How To Quit Smoking: 10 Steps For You To Stop Smoking

How To Quit Smoking: 10 Steps For You To Stop Smoking

How To Quit Smoking: 10 Steps For You To Stop Smoking: Those who try to quit smoking knows that it is no easy task. But data from the Ministry of Health point to hope since according to the Vigitel survey of Risk Factors and Protection for Chronic Diseases by Telephone Inquiry, the percentage corresponding to smokers was 16.2% in 2006 to 14.8% in the year 2012.

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How To Quit Smoking: 10 Steps For You To Stop Smoking

1) Make a calendar and plan your actions using the methods available to you.

2) Keep busy with other things to get the cigarette out of your head. Remove all objects that remember the cigarette, such as ashtrays and lighters.

3) Make sure you drink enough fluid – Have water or juices nearby to drink constantly.

4) Be active, walk instead of driving or taking a bus. Climb upstairs instead of picking up an elevator. Exercises can help you relax and increase your morale.

5) Always think positive, at first, stopping smoking can be unpleasant, but it is a sign of recovery for the body. Lack of concentration and irritation are also common at this stage.

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6) Change your routine, avoid going to the bakery you are accustomed to buying cigarettes. Avoid places like bar and pub that are surrounded by smokers. Do something that surprises yourself.

7) Don’t make excuses, do not use the good or bad news to make an excuse to say “just a cigarette”. You will never stop smoking.

8) Give yourself a treat, when you can, invest your money that you used to buy cigarettes, in something special that you like.

9) Eat everything. Do not eat fatty foods. If you need a snack eat fruits, vegetables or any kind of health food.

10) Cherish Your Day. A day without a cigarette is a victory for your health, your family and, of course, your pocket.

Methods That Help Stop Smoking

Now that you have the 10 steps to quitting smoking, let’s understand even more about the methods to quit smoking.

There are many ways to help stop smoking, from sudden stop to support of nicotine-based products, so-called replacement therapies.

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And many factors influence the selection of the method, such as motivation, fears about quitting smoking and anxiety. Effective treatment encompasses the 3-factor approach, the physical, the psychological, and the behavioral.

Since in addition to overcoming abstinence, as a physical factor, it is necessary to break the bond of the cigarette of the emotions as being happy of the psychological factor and to destroy the bond with habits like drinking coffee, in relation to the behavioral factor. And only a medical evaluation with criterion can show the appropriate treatment for each individual.

The available methods are nicotine chewing gum, nicotine chewing gum, nicotine patch, nicotine nasal spray, bupropion, stopping abruptly, stopping gradually and electronic cigarette.

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