Mouth Breather Treatment And Solution

Mouth Breather Treatment And Solution

Mouth Breather Treatment And Solution

Breathing is key to survival – and this is already getting tired of knowing. But does it make any difference to the body if the breath is made by the mouth or the nose? According to the orthodontist and facial orthopedist, Dr. Shawn Williams, a member of the interdisciplinary team at San Francisco, breathing through the mouth is harmful to health. He Says “Breathing well, always through the nose, is vital to good health. Oxygen needs to pass through the nose, which filters, heats, humidifies and pressurizes the inspired air, leaving it in the proper form to be received by the lungs,”

What is the cause of Mouth Breathing or Mouth Sores

The causes of mouth breathing are varied and may involve changes in the nose, pharynx and the so-called dentofacial region – which encompasses the dental arches and the position of all teeth. Gerson points out that the mouth can be considered the lower floor below the nose in the architecture of the face and everything that happens improperly in the nose ends up reflecting in its structure. Oral breathing is considered a syndrome and not a disease and has characteristic signs and symptoms.

It is also said that there are innumerable consequences of incorrect breathing from the mouth. Orthodontic and orthopedic changes in the face, problems related to sleep, halitosis, damage to memory and concentration, increase in blood pressure, chest pain, cardiovascular diseases, reduction of growth hormone – including in adults -, insulin resistance, labyrinth, headaches, tinnitus, decreased libido, overweight and obesity are listed in the list of consequences.

Another bad news is that incorrect breathing can happen at any age – from children, adolescents, adults and even the elderly, hampering the development and quality of life of these individuals. Usually, mouth breathing begins in childhood, when the child suffers from palatine tonsils, adenoids and rhinitis. Nasal obstructions also occur in adults, such as deviated nasal septum or turbinates. Because of nasal resistance to the passage of air, the individual is forced to breathe through the mouth.

How Did Mouth Breathing happen?

When the air passes exclusively through the mouth, the mouth and the pharynx become dry. These factors are usually associated with oral problems such as inflammation of the gums, periodontitis, increased cavities, pharyngitis and chronic cough due to a dry throat. The condition of mouth breathing always causes dentofacial changes, which promote complications harmful to the health and body structures and to beauty as facial harmony. You have to pay close attention to your breath.

How To Solve The Mouth Breathing Problem? How to Stop Breathing Through Mouth?

To solve the problem, you should look for two specialties that work together on issues involving the nose and mouth: Otolaryngology and orthodontics. The interdisciplinarity between these areas of medicine and dentistry, respectively, is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of mouth breathing. It is often necessary to complement the evaluation with other specialties, such as speech pathology and Allergology, a branch of medicine that works specifically with allergies.

It is advised, especially parents, not to ignore mouth breathing problems, as it is linked to numerous diseases and changes in craniofacial growth and development. Currently, there are many tests that help diagnose the problem, such as scanning, magnetic resonance scanning, craniofacial radiographic scanning, and cephalometry. The earlier the treatment the better the results and the lower the bad consequences for the body and health as a whole and the face in particular. Breathe properly and live with quality.

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