Here Are The 10 Incredible Tips To Increase Your Height

Here Are The 10 Incredible Tips To Increase Your Height: The height of each person depends on several factors, such as genetics, food, sleep, physical activity and time of life. Men tend to grow larger than women, and each has a certain age to stabilize growth: men stop growing at around age 20 and women stop after first menstruation.

Increasing height may seem strange and impossible and it is already known that adults did not grow back as children and adolescents, but it is possible to increase a few centimeters at any age, which make all the difference.

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Here are the 10 Incredible Tips to Increase Your Height

1) Do 15 minutes of stretching every day

Through stretching techniques of 15 minutes a day it is possible to increase a few inches naturally, between 5 and 12 inches. Studies prove the effectiveness of growth stretches, which promote proper posture, strengthen bone cartilage and decrease spinal curvature, improving appearance, self-confidence, and overall well-being, even at more advanced ages.

You can lengthen your body every day when you wake up, concentrating on the trunk and legs. You can, for example, do stretch by hanging on a bar and/or performing squats sessions, stretching each muscle for 20 seconds. And be careful not to break any tendons if you feel a lot of hooked in place.

2) Practice physical activities

There is scientific evidence that some physical activities contribute to the increase of a few centimeters in height. For example, tennis players and players usually have one arm more than the other, and swimming leads the person to have larger shoulders. Thus, the person can increase according to the stimulus he receives.

You can practice cycling, for example, which in addition to helping to burn body calories and improve metabolism, acts as a stretching exercise that promotes vertical growth. Swimming, volleyball, and basketball are also good options that contribute to the greater growth and you can practice them for 30 to 40 minutes a day.

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3) Eat the right foods

A balanced diet with the right foods, consuming the vitamins and minerals that the body needs, helps the person to grow to their maximum height, such as calcium that promotes bone growth, vitamin D that helps muscle growth and bones, proteins and zinc, which are also important for growth.

Include in your diet, for example, milk, its derivatives and dark green vegetables (broccoli and spinach, for example) that are rich in calcium; fish, which is rich in vitamin D; the meats, beans, eggs, and vegetables, which are high in protein and iron. Consume a portion of these foods every day for lunch and dinner.

4) Avoid using steroids

We see many people using anabolic steroids to get more muscles or improve performance in physical activity, as is normally the case in gyms. Steroids impair bone growth in children and young people, increase blood pressure and the likelihood of having a heart attack.

If you want to increase your height, it is best to avoid using anabolic steroids. Choose physical exercises, stretching, healthy eating, and natural supplements that may add to your height increase.

5) Remain in a correct posture

Usually, most people tend to have poor posture, sitting for hours at the computer, while working or watching TV. In addition to damaging the spine, you also lose a few inches in height. A correct position increases you by 2 to 4 centimeters.

Hold your spine 90 degrees upright, with your shoulders back, head forward, and hips aligned with your feet. This will make you look taller, and show self-confidence.

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6) Have a good night’s sleep

While we sleep, our body tissues regenerate and growth hormone (HGH) is produced, especially in children and adolescents. Did you know that when we wake up we are taller at about 2.5 centimeters? This is due to the decompression of the discs of the column by sleeping in the horizontal position at night. During the day, when we stand, this height decreases.

Sleep at least 8 hours a night and keep your back and neck straight while sleeping to develop well. If you can take a nap in the afternoon too. This may also help with development.

7) Avoid drug abuse

The abuse of alcohol and other drugs is harmful to health and this is nothing new, as well as disrupting social, family and personal life. But it can also contribute to a decrease in height.

Cigarettes, for example, prevent bone growth in adolescence and adulthood, and the same holds true for those who consume alcohol. According to research, children and adolescents who smoke or are passive smokers are smaller in height than those who are not. So, avoid this evil so as not to hinder the proper development of the organism.

8) Go to the doctor

Sometimes in some cases, when stature did not develop as it should in adolescence to adulthood, it is necessary to seek a doctor to assess this situation, if there is any pre-existing disease or something that is damaging the natural growth.

If necessary, go to the doctor explaining your situation. He will perform some tests and may even prescribe growth hormone supplements, which maximizes the levels of this hormone in the body, contributing to the increase in height.

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9) Send stress away

The stress inhibits the body ‘s ability to grow healthily and triggers hormones that impair this process. Ordinary life, bad sleep, irregular diet, sedentary lifestyle, among other factors, only tend to make our day more stressful and unbalance the natural process of regeneration and development of the organism.

So the best option is to always follow a balanced diet, exercise, sleep well and not worry so much about the things that need to be solved in the day today.

10) Use other methods to increase height

For those who cannot grow taller, even performing all the above tips, there are other artificial methods to gain a little more stature. It may seem silly, but some of these methods improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and security in feeling good to some people.

For example, there are shoes and insoles that increase height at the same time. It is a quick method for those who need to give an “up” on the visual. In more extreme cases, there are people who undergo surgery to grow more, which involves dilating the bones and soft tissues of the legs, creating a tension that stimulates growth. But this is a painful process that requires medical follow-up and is only performed if the doctor indicates the procedure.

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