10 Health Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You

10 Health Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You

10 Health Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You

10 Health Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You: Fasting is abstention from food and water. It is unusual to say that fasting is good for us, but it is amazing how much benefit it can give us. It is present in every area of health. Many athletes practice fasting to improve mental and physical health and can improve brain function, cleanse the body and prevent cancer cells, among others.

Many religions like Christianity, Buddhism and Islamism practice fasting because they think that the physical state is connected with the spiritual state. Try to also raise your spiritual side by cleansing your body with fasting. This action will help your mind stay clearer and reach new directions in life.

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See below 10 Health Fasting Benefits:

1) It accelerates the metabolism:

If digestion is weak, it affects the strength to metabolize food and burn fat. Fasting causes a rest to the digestive system, meaning it helps the metabolism to get more energy and burn calories more efficiently. It serves to regulate digestion and encourage healthy bowel function by improving the function of metabolism.

2) Helps to clean the skin and remove acne:

It helps because the body is able to concentrate regenerative energies on other systems. Do not eat anything for a day, it helps to flush out the toxins and improve the functioning of other organs such as liver, kidneys, among others.

3) Keeps the body light:

Many people use ways to calm down, such as reading, going to yoga, meditating, etc., all to keep body and mind calmer and lighter. With the empty digestive system, it makes room for extra energy in the body, and thus, we become more conscious and lighter.

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4) Improve hunger:

Sometimes we do not feel hungry, but we find it. The ideal is to always eat every three hours, which results in good nutrition and live without hunger. You will only feel hungry if you stay 12 or 24 hours without eating.

Fasting regulates the body’s hormones and shows what really is hungry.

5) Improves brain function:

Fasting increases the BDNF of the brain, which is the development of a protein called the neurotrophic factor. It activates the brain stem cells and converts them to neurons, and triggers thousands of chemicals that promote neural health. This protein also helps protect cells that are associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

6) Improves eating patterns:

Fasting is a tip for those who suffer from binge eating disorder or for those who have difficulty keeping a correct eating pattern. Not that this is wonderful, but with intermittent fasting, if a person does not eat an entire afternoon, and will eat later, he can ingest the calories all at once, without a negative result because that is already standard with it.

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7) Improves insulin sensitivity:

One study showed that after periods of fasting, insulin becomes active in cells, taking glucose from the blood.

8) Weight loss:

Many studies have pointed that fasting, when controlled by a number of hours, allows the body to burn calories through fat cells effectively.

9) Prolongs life:

Strange to say, but yes, fasting can help have a long relationship. Some studies have shown that people’s lives in many cultures have increased because of diet. Why grow old fast? Slow metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the more active your body will become.

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10) Efficient immune system:

Fasting helps to decrease free radicals, regulates inflammatory conditions and limits the formation of cancer cells.

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