10 Foods To Improve Your Mood

10 Foods To Improve Your Mood

10 Foods To Improve Your Mood

10 Foods To Improve Your Mood: There are days when we feel down, moody and discouraged. Out of nowhere and without any logical explanation, we simply wake up with the left foot. Did you know that eating can have something to do with it? Everything we eat interferes with the functioning of our body, which can improve or worsen our mood and our energy.

If you’re feeling kind of depressed, try adding these foods to your diet and see what happens:

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10 Foods To Improve Your Mood:

1) Banana

The fruit is rich in potassium, magnesium, carbohydrate, and tryptophan. These are substances that decrease anxiety and improve sleep. Eat one after dinner and sleep like a baby.

2) Lemon

This fruit improves the functioning of the liver and intestines, eliminating toxins that make us heavy and tired. One more detail: bowel that works well is one of the great responsibility of our well being. Try to drink a cup of warm water and a squeezed lemon every day in the morning to start the day with everything.

3) Lettuce

The stem of this leaf has lactucin, a substance that works as a tranquilizer. In addition, it is rich in phosphate and the lack of this nutrient causes irritation. Put in the salad and in green juices.

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4) Jabuticaba

It has iron and vitamin C which decreases anemia, which boosts the body’s defenses. These two substances give energy and pique to your day. Other than that, this tiny fruit is rich in Vitamin B, which are antidepressants. Eat about 10 units to feel more energetic.

5) Orange

Rich in vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, it helps in the functioning of the nervous system and prevents fatigue. In addition, it has calcium, which is a powerful muscle relaxant and still fights stress. In addition to the juice, eat the buds to take advantage of the fibers.

6) Avocado

This is a super fruit. It contains protein, tryptophan, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and B-complex vitamins, which ensure wellness and disposition. It has monounsaturated fats that improve mood. Put on the salad or in sauces to have vitality.

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7) Eggs

In addition to B-complex vitamins, such as thiamine and niacin, which improve mood, the gem is rich in colona, a substance responsible for maintaining memory and the feeling of happiness and good mood. Try to eat scrambled eggs in the morning to have a feeling of satiety for longer.

8) Pepper

The blaze it causes in the mouth causes the brain to produce endorphins, a neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of joy and euphoria. In addition, it is known to be the aphrodisiac and improve libido. Use to season meats and pasta for a romantic dinner.

9) Chocolate

Who does not like candy? Cocoa is rich in tyrosine, which stimulates the production of serotonin, which calms and brings a sense of well-being. Opt for bitter chocolate with 70% cocoa to feel its benefits.

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10) Oilseeds

Chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and Brazil nut contain selenium, which helps in reducing stress. Eat a handful a day, at snack time, but beware of the Brazil nut. Eat only one a day, as it has a lot of selenium and you may become unbalanced if you overeat.

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