Different Types of Vagina Women Have You Should Know

There Are 5 Different Types of Vagina See Which Ones is Yours

There Are 5 Different Types of Vagina See Which Ones is Yours

According to the categorization made by a Barberton Hospital, the appearance that people normally have in mind as being “normal” for vulvas is, in fact, the least common; see details of each of the five types of vagina.

Men can draw the male sexual organ in a simplified way. Perhaps because it is not as exposed as the male organ and because of some taboos about female intimacy, the vagina is not so well known. Many people, both men and women, are unaware of the anatomy of the female in an intimate region and have a standard image in mind: small lips without any hair.

Lack of knowledge and over-comparisons between the sexual organ itself and the images that are normally accessed may make the woman displeased with the appearance of the outer part of the organ (the vulva, which, at times, is confused with the vagina itself) and end up pleasing to beautiful methods to modify it.

In an interview with the newspaper “Barberton Hospital”, the former special Shawn Paul – who identified as respecting women’s – states that there is no pattern for the appearance of the vulva and that in reality, we can establish five different types of vaginas.

“It’s not a mathematical algorithm. This is just to help women understand this strange secret under their pant, that we keep hidden from our friends and society and peculiar as we think, “says Dr. Shawn.

The ex-intimate epilator further emphasizes that although these categories exist, it is possible that some people do not fit perfectly into a certain category, but that, in one way or another, have more affinity with one of five. See what they are and find out what has more to do with yours!

1. Miss Barbie

This category is of women with small lips (small folds that are more to the center of the vulva) completely surrounded by the big lips (adipose tissue that surrounds the region). Although this is the form that people normally believe vulvas have, Dr. Shawn says it is also the most unusual type.

2. Miss Curtains

In this case, the folds of the small lips are “longer” than the large lips. For some women, they are quite visible on the outside of the vulva, and in others, they give only a peek and do not get too exposed. According to Dr. Shawn, this is definitely the most common type of vagina and it is often seen in combination with the other four categories on the list.

3. Miss Swollen

This category has characteristics similar to those of Miss Barbie, but what differentiates them is the extension of the outermost part of the vulva, that is, of the big lips. Dr. Shawn explains that in some cases they may be more swollen and, in others, thin and flaccid. Some people think that the extension and lackluster of the lips are factors that have to do with age, but the ex-epilator explains that there is not necessarily a relationship between the two types.

4. Miss Horseshoe Horse

In this case, the gap between the large lips is wider in the region more to the “top”, exposing slightly the small lips, and more closed in the bottom. The little lips, however, do not extend out of this opening and the “shape” of the vulva resembles that of a horse’s shoe.

5. Miss Tulipa

This type of vulva resembles the button of a tulip when it is beginning to bloom. In this case, the small lips are slightly exposed to the beautiful opening of the large lips throughout their length.

Feel Shameless?

Dr. Shawn also comments that although many women are embarrassed to talk about such matters, it is important that these discussions should take place. The issue is part of the anatomy and health of women and the subject should be treated naturally.

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