9 Different Types Of Breast Women Have, Check Which one is Yours

There are several types of breasts, how come? Yes, who would think there would be several. For many people the difference is boiled down to female and male breasts. Or at most, big and small.

However, this subject deserves special attention. Even because when we talk about breasts, we refer not only as the part of the body that breastfeeds babies, but also as a region that conveys a lot of sensuality and femininity. Of course, the female breasts arouse attention and many masculine looks. And perhaps this is one of the reasons why women are always looking for change.

To leave them steeper, projected, together, with the colon well marked … There are several desires to reach the dreamed perfect breasts.┬áSome women can easily get what they want just by resorting to the right bra. For example, the push-up bra, which has the function of raising the breasts and at the same time, projecting them further forward.

Others, however, are not so lucky and no matter how hard they try, they can never find the right bra.


Do you get there too?

See below for the types of breasts and know which one is yours.

Do you want to have perfect breasts? You can find at least 9 different breast shapes. Check Yours Which shape we call it!

#1 Round Breasts: Women’s Favorite

Such breasts are usually won after plastic surgery. It is for this reason that we see many of these types of round breasts infamous women, since most have already undergone breast augmentation.

So, you mean no one is born with round breasts?

The woman who is born with round breasts, of course, took the big luck.

After all, who does not want to have full breasts, full on top and bottom? Obviously, it’s every woman’s dream!

But unfortunately, this natural format does not last forever. Factors such as age or breastfeeding can change the shape of breasts.

#2 East-West Breast

Is your breasts’ shape the type that each areola is pointing to one side? As if they were looking in opposite directions (East-West).

Yes, this format is very similar to the previous one, since it also has the separated breasts. Having as main difference the areola of the breasts that looks for the ends and until the general format points out.

Another important detail is that in this case the breasts present a large (more protruding) nipple.

#3 Separate Breast

The separate breasts are called so because obviously there is more space between them. Usually the sinus begins at the end near the armpit and does not reach the center of the chest, so it does not make that beautiful drawing that many women like.

That’s why separate breasts bother you a lot and even make you think they’re out of the norm, after all many believe that the beauty is in having your breasts close together.

#4 Tear Drop

The breasts in gout are so named because their shape is very much like gout itself. That is, they are those fuller in the lower part of the breast (on the tip), but it has a less marked neck, since there is so much volume in the upper part.

#5 Standing Breast

The areola is more centered and above the fold of the lower part of the chest. Generally not very flaccid, this type of sinus has the volume distributed equally, which leaves the format more rounded.

#6 Asymmetric Breast

It may be a breast asymmetry. The asymmetric breasts are so named because they have totally different breasts sizes. You can notice that one is bigger than another by at least 2 cm.

It is worth saying that all women have some asymmetry and usually the left breast is a little larger than the right one. This is normal and happens in several other parts of the body.

However, in the asymmetric breast the difference is extremely visible. Therefore in these cases, it is recommended to ask for a medical opinion and to assess if this is a posture problem.

#7 Slender Breast

Slender breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom.

#8 Relaxed Breasts

The appearance of the breasts is also related to age, especially when we talk about sagging. However, there are other factors that can make the breasts sag, the main ones are:

  • Lack of firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Gain and weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal changes

These factors can change the size of the breasts and contribute to the worsening of the appearance and even to the appearance of stretch marks.

Basically, we can describe these types of breasts as drooping, with the areola pointing downwards, in the same direction as the lower fold of the breast.

#9 Fallen Breasts

When the areola is in the same direction as the fold below the breast, the breasts are already considered to be sagging. Best bras: The push-up, half-cup and balcony models are the most helpful for lifting your breasts.

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