10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water For Our Body

10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water For Our Body

10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water For Our Body

10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water For Our Body: The benefits of water in our lives are indisputable, both in health and beauty. The body is composed of about 75% water. The amount of water needs to be ingested according to each organism and activities performed. In excess, it can even overwhelm the kidney or eliminate the mineral salts from our body. Therefore, water must be ingested in balance to become a great ally, for physical and psychological balance.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water For Our Body

1) Leaves skin radiant and healthy

What we eat has great influence on our skin, and to keep skin looking healthy and hydrated water is indispensable. Water can also eliminate these toxins and thus reduce the risk of pimples. From the age of 30, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, which facilitates the appearance of wrinkles.

Tip: wash your face with ice water that softens the pores and reduces excess oil, hot water stimulates the production of sebum.

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2) Eliminate cellulite

This is one of the benefits of water that few women know. Cellulite is a nightmare for most women, who end up resorting to miraculous recipes that do not work. Withholding of liquid, foods with excess sodium and cigarettes aggravate cellulitis, and such bad habits produce toxins that water helps eliminate through sweat and urine.

Tip: Exercise, avoid sodas, beverages, and industrialized foods with high sodium content, and drink plenty of water to speed detoxification by soothing fluid retention and eliminating the swelling that sodium causes.

3) Helps to lose weight

Water is powerful to aid in weight loss, speeds up metabolism and helps balance the body.

Tip: Before every meal, take a glass of water as it decreases the anxiety and amount of food that will be ingested. And who does not like pure water, drip drops of lemon or put slivers of orange and strawberry.

4) Leaves hair, eyes and nails hydrated

We notice right away when our nails and hair are dehydrated, break easily and look dry.

Tip: Wash your hair with cold water as it dries warm the wires. Beforehand moisturizing cream or even cuticle loosening, moisten the hands for better absorption.

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5) Improves brain function

A study in London discovered a connection between students bringing water to the test and improved their grades, H2O might make them think better. It is not officially proven that water can bring a better result, but it does not cost anything to try!

6) Increases muscle mass

Sweating when doing bodybuilding at the gym causes the muscles to lose water and when the muscles do not get enough, they get tired faster. So to have extra energy, try to drink it.

7) It improves the functioning of the intestine

The water helps to hydrate the fecal cake facilitating the exit of the same. Water is one of the main solutions for those suffering from constipation (constipation).

Tip: When using fibers to improve the functioning of the intestine, drink plenty of water because without liquids the fibers do the reverse, they generate gas, discomfort, and constipation.

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8) Control the calories

In addition to diets, it can help in weight loss as well. Many studies have already found the connection of water to weight loss. The secret is that it gives us the feeling of being full of belly and the result of this is the loss of calories.

9) Thermal regulator

On hot days sweat prevents overheating of the body. Ingested water constantly moisturizes and helps maintain body temperature balance.

Tip: Water serves as a lubricant for our joints, so in any season stay hydrated.

Tips that help you drink water more often

Sometimes it is difficult to drink water for several reasons, below are some alternative tips that can enhance the benefits of water:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. These contain water that can help with hydration. About 20% of your fluid is food.
  • Always carry a bottle in your car, have a bottle on your desk or in your bag.
  • If your case is weight loss, in addition to consuming caloric drinks, replace it with water.

10 – Cleanses the body

Drinking fasting water speeds up metabolism increases mood and decreases sleep.

Tip: before bed leaves a bottle of water with a few mint leaves in the refrigerator, take shortly after waking up, plus refreshing gets very tasty.

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